Toyota Hiace, a Brief History

The Toyota Hiace was first introduced in 1967 and over the years has been available in many different forms. The different configurations available throughout its life include a minivan, a minibus, normal van, pick up truck, taxi and also an ambulance.

The first generation of the Hiace was called the H10 which was available from 1967-1977. In the first generation it was offered as a delivery van and a cab over pick up. This first generation is very rare on the roads today as most of them have been exported to Africa where they see commercial use as public transport vehicles.

The second generation of the Hiace was known as the H20, H30, or H40 and available from 1977-1982. This revised edition had a more streamlined body style and single headlights instead of the previous dual setup. Anso this was the first time a 2.2 litre diesel engine was offered in them. Also for this series it was available as a double cap pick up, a high roof commuter vehicle or an extended super long wheelbase van.

The third generation of the Hiace was known as the H50, H60, H70, H80 and H90 and was produced from 1982-1989. The new and improved cab design was similar to that of the larger Toyoace light truck although it had different front styling queues. The model number was in direct relation to the wheelbase dimensions. H50 was the short wheelbase, H60 was long wheelbase and the H70 was considered the super long wheelbase.

The pick up versions carried the H80 and H90 series tags.

The fourth generation Hiace was known as the H100 and was available from 1989-2004. These lines of vehicles were available in both short and long wheelbase variants. A range of engines came available in the fourth generation that ranged from 2.0 litre petrol all the way to a 3 litre diesel offering. The fourth generation was predominantly rear wheel drive but there was an option for part time or full time all wheel drive available as well for this run.

The fifth generation of the Hiace is known as the H200 and was produced from 2004-present. All models across Toyota Hiace line use a four cylinder DOHC engine. Although different displacements and fuel types are available the engine overall design is the same throughout the range.

These vehicles have proven to be quite desirable, making it onto Japans list of most commonly stolen vehicles, this is due in part to the fact that they lack a theft immobilizer making it easier to steal than more expensive SUV type vehicles where the immobilizers are standard. They are hard working dependable vehicles with long life spans as Minibus Hire Hertford long as they are regularly serviced.

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