Cars :: Mustang hoods – for style upfront

The Ford Mustang is a hugely successful car which has become a household name because of its iconic status. It is the longest surviving of the affordable breed of classic American muscle cars. Introduced in 1964 it is offered in coupe and convertible forms. It is the only one of the original pony cars to enjoy an uninterrupted production run. It has seen its fair share of threats coming from the car scratch repair Barnsley oil crisis, budget cuts and the like but its iconic status amongst the Ford cars and its immense popularity with the buyers has sailed it through many a troubled waters. Over the years, the car has been offered in many versions and types but the Mustang is known to be the car of choice for buyers who are seeking power and style. The current version takes the level of the car in terms of performance and refinement to new heights in Mustang history.

Many features can be added to the car to upgrade it to higher levels of sophisticated technology but some of the standards ones are a CD player with an auxiliary audio jack, antilock brakes and stability control. It has a very stylish and refined interior with, attractive metallic trim. Even though the Mustang is not alone in its segment of the market it definitely has a special place in the hearts of the customers.

Since the Mustang first took to the roads, many things have evolved in the automobile industry and the car itself has been changed to keep up with the times. Components fitted in the car too have evolved and become better. One such component is the hood of the car. The purpose and function of the hood is evidently simple to understand. But innovations have been made in its field as well and now hoods are available made of carbon fiber. The Mustang hoods made of this material has several advantages. They are light and this means that due to the lesser weight the car can save fuel as well as be able to accelerate better. It also makes the car more responsive to steering wheel commands. The hood can also be designed in various unique ways thus enhancing the looks of your car.

The Mustang hoods are cheap and also come in several designs and styles.

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